Counseling for Alcohol and Drug Abuse


The Power of a Group

Many people have experienced the benefits of meeting with a therapist on an individual basis, Through this relationship you can explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviors and hopefully gain a better understanding of what you’re all about, the good and the perhaps not-so-good, and discover what to do next with your new self knowledge!

But less people have had the experience of being in a therapeutic group. There are great benefits to being in a process group where you can not only see how you are as an individual, but also see how that plays out in a larger context in community and relationship with others.

Here are three types of feedback you might hear in a group that can be helpful to your self growth and your relationships with others.

The “Me too!” feedback

Experiencing deeply the knowledge that you are not alone, that others might share your same fears, anxieties, and sadness in life that you do can be healing for many. Sometimes knowing you are not alone in your struggles provides a strong sense of comfort that can help you towards finding inner peace.

The “you did/said what???” feedback

When a group has been together for awhile and has a comfort with each other, in a safe, therapeutic setting they are able to provide feedback to one another. Group members can share what it is like to be in the presence of that person, and sometimes this feedback is positive and sometimes it can be challenging to hear. Once group members begin to have an understanding of each other, they can gently provide accountability to each other and help them not fall into self-defeating patterns.

The “we are in this together” feedback

Finding people who, like yourself, would like to make genuine changes in their thinking, feeling, and behaving and work towards positive goals can be inspiring and motivating. You will be with others who want to take a journey towards self-growth and less about making excuses. You can be with others who are willing to take on personal challenges, even if what may be challenging to them looks different from what is challenging to you.

If you or someone you love might want to try a group like this, please have them contact me at or 847-651-4684