Counseling for Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Therapy for Adults


Sometimes life is hard and there are obstacles to overcome.  I enjoy helping my clients identify and utilize their greatest strengths while they work through challenges.  Many times I have found old thoughts and beliefs have not been challenged and keep people stuck in limiting ideas and behaviors.   Through therapy, you can become more self-aware, which allows you to utilize your strengths, and overcome what holds you back.   Therapy can also help you to learn how past experiences, as well as our individual temperaments and personalities, shape how we think about the present moment.  

My therapeutic approach is eclectic, meaning I draw from several different therapeutic modalities and backgrounds, including cognitive behavioral, client-centered and psychodynamic approaches.  I tailor my approach to what seems to work best with each individual client.  I am also interested in spirituality and how this can help the healing process for many.   I look forward to working with you!