Counseling for Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Providing Psychotherapy and Drug and Alcohol Counseling Services to Adolescents and Adults


My goal is to help you increase your overall life satisfaction and overcome obstacles to your growth.  I have an empowering approach that helps you to draw on your own inner resources as well as utilize external resources as needed.   

Sometimes in life old ways of thinking and behaving stop working.  You may find yourself in situations never imagined, discover new information about yourself and the world around you that is shocking, or perhaps feel stuck as to what your next step should be.  Maybe a relationship in your life is strained.  Maybe you are struggling through a life transition.   It could be that you are troubled by your past or anxious about your future.  Possibly you notice frustrating patterns of overthinking, lack of energy, or negativity. 

Much of my experience has been in helping people cope with anxiety, depression, and life transitions.  I also have extensive experience working with clients struggling with addictive behaviors and abuse of substances.  I believe that substance abuse problems are multi-faceted, and often involve a loss of true connection with others and your inner self.  There can be many challenges present in changing your relationship with drugs and alcohol.    In a supportive environment we can explore how to live a rich and rewarding life while making these changes around your substance use.  

The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.
— Carl Rogers