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Purposeful Parenting

One of the most challenging, yet wonderful roles we can play in our lives is that of a parent.  As a parent we have an opportunity to provide for, discipline, nurture and love a child with a hope that they will eventually become a fulfilled, loving, responsible and independent adult.  And although we have no crystal ball to look into our child's future, most parents want to do their best today so that they can help prepare their child for adulthood. Over the next few weeks I will discuss some ways to be involved together as a family to have fun and spend meaningful time together.


One thing that parents and children can look forward to together is a family ritual.  One thing that we enjoy in our household is family dinner night, where not only do we eat together as a family, but each week a different family member gets to pick the dinner and dessert (We picked Mondays, because it's a fun and positive way to start off the week.)  The family member that picks dinner get to pick whatever they'd like and feel special for the night. In the past when they were younger we even included a fun hat to wear when it was your night. Get creative and silly, and allow that child (or adult!) to feel special for the evening.


A ritual is great because it provides some consistency and routine that children like.  Put it on the shared calendar so everyone knows its there and everyone participates. What rituals do you have in your home?  What might be some you could add? Some other ideas include...


-game night

-bike ride


-dessert night


If you don't have one, start now!  It's a great way to encourage your family to share, connect, and spend quality time together, especially when lives get busy!