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5 Books I recommend as a Therapist

I tend to be a bit of an information hoarder.   I love learning, and I enjoy having access to a wide variety of reading materials that help myself and others to grow in different ways.   I also know that books can be a great way to expand our horizons, sometimes they help us to think in new ways, they may provide comfort, they may give us access to new or different feelings,  or give us practical tips in changing behaviors. Also, research has even shown that people who read tend to live longer than those who don't! While there are many great reads out there, here are a few I enjoy (non fiction) according to several different topics.


For psychotherapists or people interested in the art of doing therapy

The Gift of Therapy- Irving Yalom.  I love this one because Yalom blends practical, useful tips on how to be a therapist in a loving, authentic way.  A great read for therapists willing and wanting to look deeply into what it means to be in the healing profession and how we can best serve the needs of those we work with.


For People who are grieving

When Bad Things Happen to Good People- Harold Kushner.  This is a spiritual book by Rabbi Kushner is designed for people who struggle with having a faith in God and finding peace and understanding while dealing with trauma and grief.  He speaks warmly and with personal experience with deep grief after losing a child.


For people who struggle with addiction in ALL it's forms

Breathing Under Water: Spirituality and the 12 Steps- Richard Rohr.  This books emphasizes that we are all addicted in one way or another, even if some addictions are more obvious.  This book is written from a Christian perspective, and also discusses the "more common but less visible addiction that we all have to sin."  It provides hope and comfort for people looking for a new and practical explanation of the 12 steps and how to live a deeper, more meaningful life.


For Couples

Getting the Love You Want- Harville Hendrix.  Harville Hendrix writes about having a more "conscious marriage" which is a marriage where each partner is actively aware of their patterns, has an understanding of the childhood roots they stem from, and makes thoughtful choices to communicate and act in more effective, loving ways.  He walks you through the stages of relationships, provides an thorough explanation of where problems may stem from, and practical solutions to managing marital issues. A helpful read for all couples who are ready to increase their understanding of each other and themselves.


For someone who feels lost

Mans Search For Himself- Rollo May.  Rollo May was an existential psychologist.  This book is about living a meaningful, fulfilling life. There are many more modern books that revolve around this theme- but for me, I like classics.  So this may not be for everyone. I really enjoyed this thought-provoking read about our underlying anxieties about life. It truly delves into some deeper truths about what it means to be a human being and is an engaging read.