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10 Benefits of Therapy

10 Benefits of Therapy


Although I believe that seeing a therapist has become less stigmatized in our society, people still tend to wonder what therapy is all about, might be hesitant to take that step, and wonder if it could help them.   If you are a living, breathing human being, and bothering to consider therapy, you are likely a candidate who could benefit. Anything that hurts you, affects you, bothers you, drives you nuts, makes you laugh, brings you joy, makes you cry, can all be shared in a therapeutic environment. This can help you to understand yourself and your own inner thoughts, as well help you grow in awareness as  how you respond to others.


Here are a few benefits to seeing a therapist…


  1. You have a place to explore what you REALLY think and feel as opposed to what you think you “should” think.

  2. You have a place to openly discuss some of life’s big questions

  3. You have a place to grow in discerning your values and priorities

  4. You have a place to explore the difference between “feeling” and “facts.”  Sometimes our feelings keep us from acting in a rational or effective way.

  5. You have an objective person with no outside agenda who can help you explore what will work in your life.

  6. You have a place to discuss your pain and grieve at your own pace.

  7. You have a chance for a relationship with a person who will be honest with you,  when sometimes friends will comfort you with what you want to hear.

  8. You have a personal cheerleader, someone to help you empower yourself to be your best.

  9. You have someone to hold you accountable

  10. You have a person that can help you point out things that you do, or patterns that you may have, that are outside of your own awareness!


With therapy, there are no guarantees, some risk in sharing and feeling vulnerable, and maybe a fear of doing something new if you never have before.  However, with the right therapist and client match...many find it is worth the risk!